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Welcome to the Technology section of the website where you will find information about motorisation, home automation, security and controlling your products. Communication between automation, security and blind and curtain motors is wireless and known as RTS where products are controlled by radio signals to open or close your blinds or curtains, operate automation, security, cctv or from either a remote control, timer, hub or smartphone. RTS does not rely on line of sight between the control unit and for example a blind. This means you are able to operate a single blind or all the blinds from anywhere in the house. 

Blind and curtain motors are also available hard wired non RTS requiring a control cable connected to a wired wall switch to open or close your products. Wired motors are suitable for applications for large quantities of blinds within a large building which would require a wired control system or also for direct connection to home automation systems such as Lutron etc. RTS motors can also be used with home automation systems such as Lutron or Control 4 but will require an interface to enable communication. If you require any more information or have any questions whatsoever please call or email us.




Hard working motors backed by a 5 year guarantee. Invisibly integrated within the blind and delivering the power to effortlessly operate your blinds when required. 

All motors can be controlled by any of the products in the technology section providing you with user or fully automatic operation

Remote control


Discover the range of wireless radio signal remote controls. Theses easy to use handsets lets you operate a single or group of products simultaneously for control of your entire home environment. The remote controls features a raise, lower and stop functionality, along with a 'my' button for instant recall of a programmed position 

Connexoon control

Somfy connexoon

 Connexoon® Window RTS enables:
Centralised control of RTS window equipment, such as interior blinds and curtains, using your Smartphone, when you are at home or remotely when you are at work or on holiday.
Example: Late home from the office? You can close your interior blinds, curtains and turn on your lighting. 


somfy tahoma

The complete home automation hub that makes controlling your house simple. With TaHoma you can control your blinds, curtains, lights, cctv, alarm system or any Somfy automation product all from your smartphone, tablet or computer

Automation & Security

home automation

Together with the TaHoma hub, discover the range of automation for your home including cctv, security systems, lighting control and much more

Timers & Sensors


 Timers can automatically operate your blinds to either preset times, daylight times or holiday mode for when you are away. Sun sensors will automatically operate your blinds or curtains according to the sun's position ideal for protecting your home from the the damaging effects of the sun