Our custom made curtains can be produced to any specification to suit your home. Choose from a variety of styles including pinch pleat, eyelet, pencil pleat or wave all of which can be cotton or blackout lined and interlined if required. 

We have an extensive range of fabrics for curtains and a comprehensive selection of tracks, poles and motorised tracks. 

Controllling motorised curtains

To see the various ways available to control your electric curtain tracks please visit the technology section

Electric curtain tracks

Somfy Glydea motorisation


Motorised curtain tracks let you open and close your curtains with one click. Our clever solutions give you control of your home’s lighting levels and ensures your complete privacy.  

The benefits of a Somfy electric curtain track

A sturdy, discreet and quiet motor.

Gentle and smooth operation 
Thanks to the flawless functions of your Somfy motor, you don’t need to touch or handle your curtains.

"Touch motion" function

If you prefer- simply pull on the drapery, as you would with a manual curtain, and the motor will automatically take over..

An adaptable motor. You can easily switch to complete home automation after you have installed your electric curtains for a connected home and an even better experience!

Recall your favourite position

The “MY” function on your Somfy remote control lets you set your favourite position, for instant recall at the click of a button.

Adjustable speed with the Glydea range

The clever Glydea range offers you a motor that can adapt to suit your curtains and your needs.


Integrated intelligence

A curtain track with radio technology adds a touch of clever innovation to your home! From the installation of your first motorised product, you have complete control of your home. Add a remote control or automated unit to coordinate your curtains with other Somfy products, or install the TaHoma box to manage your home from your computer, smartphone or tablet device.

The best technology has to offer

Somfy's motors are equipped with their exclusive technology: RTS®

  • Manage all your applications through the same radio control.
  • You can control what's happening without needing to move.
  • Secure radio transmission for complete reliability and peace of mind.

The quality you get from an international brand

  • Products designed in France in a Research & Development center that is at the forefront of innovation.
  • Products tested and inspected following the most rigorous criteria to guarantee quality, performance and longevity.
  • Respect of the strictest safety standards on the market.




Glydea Motorised Track Specifications (pdf)