Connexoon Window RTS app is a new way to control your blinds, curtains, garage door, gate and lights. Enjoy the experience of controlling your Somfy-powered motorised solutions from your smartphone, and maximize the many benefits they provide: light management, privacy and convenience. You are now in control of all your RTS motorised products such as curtains, blinds and the garage door. Your home is now upgraded, and your life has never been so easy! 

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Personalise and play 4 pre-named scenarios to control simultaneously several connected products:

  • Back home scenario
    Example: When you come home, in one click, your interior blinds and curtains open and some selected lights switch on.
  • Leave Home scenario
    Example: When you go to work, close in one click some selected interior blinds.
  • Sun protection scenario
    Example: When the sun is shining you can close your blinds ( e.g. half way down) of the southern facade in one press on your Smartphone.
  • Privacy scenario
    Example: In the evening, close your interior blinds and curtains of your living room to protect yourself from outside glances.

Personalise (even adding your own pictures!) and play up to 4 ambiances to control simultaneously several connected interior blinds and curtains to fit life moments.

Some examples:

  • TV scenario: Close the living room curtain and switches off the lighting.
  • Night scenario: Close all interior blinds and curtains in one click.
  • Morning scenario: Blinds go up and venetian blinds tilt to ‘my’ position
  • Party scenario: Set Philips Hue light colours and brightness, close blackout blinds.

Program your interior blinds, curtains and lighting depending on time.

Example: During the week your interior blinds and curtains close automatically at 9 pm and open at 7 am.

Functional specifications

Maximum RTS actuators/equipment discovered: 30

Maximum ambiances: 4

Maximum scenarios: 4

Maximum timer programming: 8

Maximum Hue bulbs/lamps(50): 1 bridge

    somfy connexoon

    somfy connexoon

Connexoon Alexa setup guide

connexoon Alexa programming (pdf)


Conexoon full setup guide